Young Men Lesson 45: The Sacred Power of Procreation

by | Nov. 09, 2012

Young Men

Discussion Questions
• What are the blessings of keeping the law of chastity? What are the consequences of breaking the law of chastity?
• How does Satan use entertainment and the media to persuade people to misuse the powers of procreation?
• What does it mean to “bridle all your passions”? (Alma 38:12). What are some effective ways to bridle our passions? How does doing this allow us to be “filled with love”?

Supplement is an excerpt from "Stewardship - A Sacred Trust" by Elder Quentin L. Cook, October 2009 General Conference:

Just as the pure spring was polluted when not protected, we live in a time when virtue and chastity are not safeguarded. 7 The eternal significance of personal morality is not respected. A loving Father in Heaven has provided us with the means to bring His spirit children into this world to fulfill the full measure of their creation. He has instructed us that the wellsprings of life are to be kept pure, just as the beautiful spring on the ranch required protection in order to sustain life. This is one of the reasons why virtue and chastity are so important in our Father in Heaven’s plan.

Because of my grandfather’s reaction to the polluted spring, improvements and protections were undertaken which returned the spring to its original beauty and purity.

As servants of the Lord Jesus Christ, it is our sacred responsibility to teach His standard of morality, which is the same for all of His children. When our thoughts or our actions are impure, we violate His standard. The Lord has said, “I … cannot look upon sin with the least degree of allowance.” 8 Some attempt to rationalize away their conduct.

In a poem by John Holmes titled “Talk,” an old, deaf New England shipbuilder teaches a young man about rationalization. In describing one of the lessons he learned, the youth explains, “I wouldn’t have known that however you build it, the ship must sail; you can’t explain to the ocean.” 9

It has been suggested that what happens in a certain city stays in a certain city. I like the sign posted in Sevier County, Utah, which states, “What happens in Sevier County … you can share with your friends!!!” When we realize that we are accountable to God, we see how foolish rationalizations can be. Those who rationalize remind us of little children who cover their eyes, convinced that if they can’t see us, we can’t see them. I would suggest that if we think about giving an accounting of our actions to the Savior, our rationalizations will be seen in their true light. 

Consider showing part of this vide of a devotional address from Jeffrey R. Holland, "Of Souls, Symbols, and Sacraments":

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