Young Women Lesson 20: Reach Out to Others

by | May 11, 2012

Young Women

Discussion Questions
• In what ways can we reach out to others and encourage their activity in Church meetings?
• How can we overcome our own self-consciousness to reach out to others?

Excerpt from "Remember This: Kindness Begins with Me" by Sister Mary N. Cook, May 2011 General Conference:

We build that unity and share our unique colors through benevolence: individual acts of kindness.

Have you ever felt lonely? Do you notice those who are lonely, living in a black-and-white world? Young women, I’ve watched as you bring your unique color into the lives of others with your smiles, your kind words, or a note of encouragement.

President Thomas S. Monson taught us how to interact with our peers and everyone we meet when he told the young women of the Church, “My precious young sisters, I plead with you to have the courage to refrain from judging and criticizing those around you, as well as the courage to make certain everyone is included and feels loved and valued.” 7

We can follow the example of the good Samaritan and “change the world” of just one person by being benevolent. 8 I would like to invite each of you to do at least one Samaritan-like act this coming week. It may require that you reach beyond your usual friends or overcome your shyness. You may courageously choose to serve someone who doesn’t treat you well. I promise that if you will extend yourself beyond what is easy to do, you will feel so good inside that kindness will start to become a part of your everyday life. You’ll see that benevolence can bring joy and unity to your home, your class, your ward, and your school. “Remember this: kindness begins with me.”

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