Young Women Lesson 31: Group Activities - A Basis for Wise Dating

by | Jul. 27, 2012

Young Women

Discussion Questions
• Why have youth been counseled to avoid going on frequent dates with the same person?
• There may be times when you are pressured to go against the counsel of the prophet in regard to early or steady dating. What can you do or say in these situations to remain true to the Lord’s standards?
• How can following Church dating standards bless your life?

Excerpt from "Preparation Brings Blessings," by President Thomas S. Monson, April 2010 General Conference:

Begin to prepare for a temple marriage as well as for a mission. Proper dating is a part of that preparation. In cultures where dating is appropriate, do not date until you are 16 years old. “Not all teenagers need to date or even want to. … When you begin dating, go in groups or on double dates. … Make sure your parents meet [and become acquainted with] those you date.” Because dating is a preparation for marriage, “date only those who have high standards.” 2

Be careful to go to places where there is a good environment, where you won’t be faced with temptation.

A wise father said to his son, “If you ever find yourself in a place where you shouldn’t ought to be, get out!” Good advice for all of us.

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