Young Women Lesson 33: Avoiding Degrading Media Influences

by | Aug. 10, 2012

Young Women

Discussion Questions
• What are some indications that we are spending too much time watching TV, playing video games, texting on cell phones, using social media and the Internet, or using other forms of media? (Note: As you consider how to use these questions, think about the circumstances of the young women in your ward and adapt the questions accordingly.)
• How can you help your friends understand and respect your personal media standards?
• All forms of media are tools. How can we use such tools to bless our lives and the lives of others? How can these tools be harmful or detrimental?
• How have you used Church media sites, such as youth.lds.org?
• How can we share the gospel using social media?

Excerpt from "Out of the Best Books, Movies, or Music," by Christa Skousen, August 2009 New Era:

President Brigham Young offered some advice to his own children that could also be applied to situations you may face today. He encouraged his children to study music and dance, to attend the theater, and to read novels—things that, he said, “expand their frames, add fire to their spirits, and improve their minds” (quoted in Q&A, New Era, Sept. 1993, 17).

Despite the rampant inappropriate material, there are still many books, films, and music selections that are wholesome and can “add fire to our spirits and improve our minds.” You will become informed and more well-rounded by surrounding yourself with material that is both uplifting and inspiring.

But how do you know where to find the good material, especially when there are so many not-so-good options to choose from? As an LDS youth, what you might consider uplifting and worthwhile might be different than what a friend or movie critic might consider. This makes the selection process a little more challenging, but not insurmountable. Consider the following elements when choosing between different media and entertainment sources.

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