Young Women Lesson 35: Living Righteously Amid Pressures

by | Aug. 24, 2012

Young Women

Discussion Questions
• How can our desires affect our choices?
• How can you respond to people who harass or make fun of you because of your beliefs or standards?
• How can you be a good example to friends who are not living the standards without being annoying or coming across as self-righteous?

Excerpt from "May You Have Courage," by President Thomas S. Monson, April 2009 General Conference:

May I speak first about the courage to refrain from judging others. Oh, you may ask, “Does this really take courage?” And I would reply that I believe there are many times when refraining from judgment—or gossip or criticism, which are certainly akin to judgment—takes an act of courage.

Unfortunately, there are those who feel it necessary to criticize and to belittle others. You have, no doubt, been with such people, as you will be in the future. My dear young friends, we are not left to wonder what our behavior should be in such situations. In the Sermon on the Mount, the Savior declared, “Judge not.” 1 At a later time He admonished, “Cease to find fault one with another.” 2 It will take real courage when you are surrounded by your peers and feeling the pressure to participate in such criticisms and judgments to refrain from joining in.

I would venture to say that there are young women around you who, because of your unkind comments and criticism, are often left out. It seems to be the pattern, particularly at this time in your lives, to avoid or to be unkind to those who might be judged different, those who don’t fit the mold of what we or others think they should be.

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