Your Favorite Conference Moments

by | Oct. 03, 2013



“My favorite moment was President Monson talking about when he was a boy and he took the matches and caught the grass on fire. Love his eye rolling.” 
—Kathy Rickertsen

“Elder LeGrand Richards getting poked by a cane from the First Presidency to wrap up his talk.” 
—Julie Zimmerman

“The change in ages for missionaries still chokes me up.” 
—Frances Marshall Wyss

“Watching conference last October with my seminary class when Pres. Monson announced the missionary age change. Seeing and hearing their reactions and realizing my calling had just changed will always be one of my favorite memories.” 
—Connie Ross Harrison

“The moment the building of the Nauvoo Temple was announced. I remember being in the prophet’s ward chapel hearing it and all the gasps that went along with it. Including mine.” 
—Emily Johnson 

“My favorite moment and will be forever is when Bruce R. McConkie spoke and bore his testimony for the last time. I remember it so vividly because I was living in Fairbanks, Alaska, and we had to go to the Church House to get any of conference. I was pregnant with my last child and he brought me to tears as he bore witness of the Savior. You knew he was saying goodbye, too. What a powerful witness he was of Jesus Christ.” 
—Pauline Abbott

“President Hinkley ‘knighting’ his counselor.”  
—Betty Hatch
“I loved being in the conference center and seeing President Hinckley wave his cane at the congregation as he left the stage.” 
—Stephanie Bailey Brazell


“Elder Bednar and Elder Perry's fist bump. So cute!” 
—Melissa Gardner

“A few years back when Elder Wirthlin started shaking while giving his talk, and Elder Nelson so loving stood behind him and held onto him. He never interrupted him, knowing that Elder Wirthlin had to give that talk. It was awesome.” 
—Jennifer Matson-Muhonen 

“When Elder Falabello showed a picture of how his dad polished his shoes and big toe so to conceal the tearing on that shoe.” 
—ÏämMphile Mnguni'Nkosingphile Ndwandwe

“Tabernacle Choir singing ‘Come Thou Fount.’ Never did one of their songs reach out and speak to me like that before. I just wept.” 
—Kristen Vance Larsen

“My favorite moment was in October of 2010, when President Monson announced the Lisbon Portugal Temple. I burst in sobs and scared my then 5-year-old son, who had no idea why I was crying so hard. I'm from Portugal, and I've been in Utah for about 18 years, and every single conference, for years and years, I had been waiting for those words. It was a moment I'll never forget.” 
—Cindy Ferreira Whitney


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