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A Young Mormon Mom's Harvey Evacuation Story of Fear, Sadness, and Neighborly Love


Our prayers are with the Green family as well as the many other families affected by the wake of devastation from Hurrican Harvey. 

Hurricane Harvey floodwaters chased Beth Green and her growing family from their Houston area home this week.

The young Mormon mom shared her anxieties and fears about the evacuation in a thoughtful interview done through a series of texts. Green's insights read like a natural Facebook conversation. The record flooding swiftly overwhelmed the extensive preparations she made with her husband, Sheridan. She shared her concerns about imposing on friends. She expressed sadness over what the family is losing as their house floods, even as she felt gratitude that her family is safe while others are dead or injured.

"I would probably have an easier time texting than talking on the phone," she started in a text sent Monday night. "If you want to interview me by text, I'm open to that. We still don't know how much more water our house is going to get. We don't know if we are going to lose a few things or a lot of things or everything. I'm trying to process everything. And I haven't really slept since Friday night. I'm more coherent in writing than speaking anyway, even when I'm not emotional. :)

Editor's note: This Q&A is broken up in paragraphs that represent each text sent.

DESERET NEWS: I'm fine with whatever works for you. Beth, where do you live?

BETH: We are in Spring, just a few streets from Amy. I live with my husband and our three kids, Hector, 7, Ella, 5, and Freddie, 1. We have been in Houston for nine years and in this house for three of those years.

DN: A lot of history in your home, then, with your kids growing up there. What in the house is most difficult to see damaged?

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