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Al Fox Carraway: Trust God with Your Life. After All, He’s the One Who Gave It to You.


Many who are born within a Mormon family wonder what their life might be like without the Church. But Al Fox Carraway knows. After all, she spent most of her life thinking she didn't need or want religion. But then, everything changed.

Recently, she shared on Facebook:

I thought religion was something people turned to when something was going wrong in their life.
And that wasn’t me. I was a 21 yr. old stubborn New Yorker who thought I could conquer the world by myself. I didn’t need help from anyone or anything, especially not religion.
I lived the gospel to humor the elders, nothing else.
But I changed. B/c the blessings of living the commandments are real.
Even though I thought I was happy before, I was shown the greater things. I overcome & I conquered & I THRIVED.
I know what life without the gospel is like— I went TWENTY-ONE YEARS without it. There is nothing to really offer to me.
Life without the gospel is not glamorous or ‘cool.’ Happiness is fake & fleeting without it.
I am weak and not my best without it.
The contrast is huge. The difference IS real.
Being embarrassed to living the gospel is literally the silliest thing to ever happen.
The reality is, God IS real. The gospel is true. And absolutely nothing is worth giving up our forever happiness.
Today, right now, even in trials, I am happy. A real, lasting & physical happiness.
God already has the way to the best ever created. It’s already there. I want that. I choose God. I choose His ways. I choose His rewards & blessings.
They’re real & every day He has shown me that they are WAY better than what I could have imagined.
This is real life, guys. Real life strength. Real life promises. Real life God. And if you haven’t yet, give God the chance to show you how great our God truly is. Actively live the way we should give Him the opportunity to show you the better way.
Do not lose sight of the simpleness of the gospel. It’s beautiful.
Trust God with your life. After all, He’s the one who gave it to you.

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