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Alex Boye Dedicates Concert to Mormon Critically Injured in Freak Bounce House Accident


What a sweet example to all of us: “I think people should like themselves more,” said a Mormon man paralyzed in a bounce house accident. “My body doesn’t even work, and I still like myself. Even if just smiling right now is what I can do, then I’m going to do it. It brings me joy.”

Alex Boye announced he would dedicate his Tooele, Utah, concert to BYU student Josh Hinton who almost died in a bounce house accident in fall 2015 at a new student orientation.

Hinton’s unfortunate accident in a bounce house sent him to the hospital with a life-threatening injury, but his condition has improved dramatically in the past seven months.

One of the first miracles happened as Hinton lay in the ER struggling to breathe.

“See his cute little iPhone by his ear!” said Jenifer Hinton, Josh’s mom, in a Facebook post soon after Josh was hospitalized. “It’s playing AlexBoye hymns in his ear! Calms him so he can relax & not fight the ventilator!”

Lead image from The Digital Universe.
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