Alan Osmond: ‘The Plan’ 50 Years Later

Wed Oct 18 05:00:18 EDT 2023
Episode 247

The Osmonds reached what was arguably the peak of their fame in 1973. That year, the band made what many considered an interesting decision and released The Plan, a landmark album that explored the eternal nature of God’s plan and the role of Jesus Christ in salvation. Alan Osmond almost always sang backup vocals but, as the oldest of the Osmond brothers, was in many ways the leader of the brothers’ group and the writer of many of the Osmonds’ songs. In this episode, Alan shares the inspiration behind The Plan as we celebrate the 50-year anniversary of the album.

We’re not ashamed of the gospel and that’s why I just can’t be quiet about it.
Alan Osmond

Show Notes

1:46- Beginnings
8:10- Sharing the Gospel Through Music
14:31- A Rock Opera 
28:06- Osmondmania
34:59- Support of the Church
41:48- Multiple Sclerosis
47:51- Elvis and the Queen
49:57- What Does It Mean to Be All In the Gospel of Jesus Christ? 

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LDS Living stories about The Osmonds


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