Andy Reid: United—Creating Great Teams On and Off the Field

Wed Mar 20 05:00:12 EDT 2024
Episode 266

Andy Reid is not even done coaching and is already considered to be one of the greatest football coaches of all time. His humble approach to being a leader of men is inspiring and on this week’s episode, he shares many of the things that have helped him lead great teams. He also shares insights into the players he has coached who he considers to be truly great.

We try the best we can to lead by example but also, leading by example means that you’re following Christ’s teachings.
Andy Reid

Show Notes

1:30- LaVell Edwards

3:13- Storytelling

5:48- Personality and Patrick Mahomes

9:00- Tammy Reid and the Chiefs

11:32- Overcoming Challenges With Your Spouse

13:55- Priorities

15:30- Things That Start Wars

19:11- NFL Sundays

21:30- Chad Lewis

23:31- Travis Kelce

26:51- Word For The Season

28:41- Taylor Swift

30:54- What Does It Mean To Be All In?


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