Benjamin Bikman: The Heart of the Word of Wisdom

Wed Jan 31 07:16:09 EST 2024
Episode 259

Dr. Benjamin Bikman’s book has 4.8 stars on Amazon and 3,445 reviews. The researcher of metabolic health and BYU professor has developed a loyal fanbase by sharing evidence that shows that many major diseases have a common root—one that is easily fixed by conscious lifestyle changes. He calls his desire to share these things and their impact a crusade and on this week’s episode, he shares why, as a Latter-day Saints, that crusade is fueled by a firm belief in the Word of Wisdom.

Maybe the deepest level of the Word of Wisdom is the sentiment of learning to control the power that we have within our bodies because in so doing we show to Heavenly Father our worthiness and our fitness…us being fit for or found worthy of being given greater responsibility and greater power.
Benjamin Bikman

Show Notes

2:24- Why Care About Insulin Resistance?
11:41- Incorrect Principles
21:47- Plagues of Prosperity
31:01- Moderation in all things?
37:53- The Discomfort of Change
42:52- Preparing for Eternal Progression
45:00- Snack Ideas
50:12- Do Your Homework
53:29- What Does It Mean To Be All In the Gospel of Jesus Christ?

Why We Get Sick book
President Russell M. Nelson, "Think Celestial":
Dr. Bikman's upcoming release


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