Bonus: "Don't Miss This" Interview with David Butler and Emily Belle Freeman

Fri Jan 03 10:00:40 EST 2020

In 2019, members of the Church fell in love with Emily Belle Freeman and David Butler's knowledge and sincere love for the scriptures through their YouTube channel, “Don’t Miss This.” We’re teaming up with David and Emily today with one goal: To get you absolutely hyped for this Book of Mormon year of Come, Follow Me.

Like Lehi, Jesus leads His family to a better place. Like Moroni, Jesus defends us and fights for our cause...they are all going to become these types of Him.

Don't Miss This 2020 Study Journal

Don't Miss This in the Book of Mormon Devotional Book 

Don't Miss This Youtube Channel

Come, Follow Me Curriculum

Show Notes:
2:09- The Beginning of "Don't Miss This"
7:09- David and Emily Are Not Married...To Each Other
8:14- The Name
9:45- Disneyland
13:07- Becoming Disciples
17:03- New Testament "All In" Lessons
21:17- Preparing for the Book of Mormon
24:33- Book of Mormon Stories
30:00- A Testament of God's Love
36:49- Assume the Best
41:50- What Does the Book of Mormon Teach Us About Being "All In"