Bonus: Jeff Benedict: Through a Journalist’s Eyes

Thu Sep 10 10:00:15 EDT 2020

Steve Young, Dave Checketts, Jabari Parker, Clayton Christensen, Spencer Hadley, Gary Crittenden and Kyle Van Noy. These are just a few of the Latter-day Saints Jeff Benedict has profiled during his career as a journalist. On today’s episode, we talk with Jeff about what these people and their stories have meant to him and why he is grateful for a job that has allowed him to spend time seeing the world through a unique lens.

Of the 16 books that I’ve written...almost all of them have changed my life in really noticeable ways.
Jeff Benedict


Book: QB: My Life Behind the Spiral, Steve Young with Jeff Benedict

Book: The Mormon Way of Doing Business, Jeff Benedict

Video: BYU Management Society Lecture series: An Evening with Author Jeff Benedict

Article: "The Education of Duke freshman phenom Jabari Parker" by Jeff Benedict

Article: "BYU's Spencer Hadley opens up on incident that got him suspended" by Jeff Benedict

Show Notes:
3:43-Faith, Family and Sports
6:45- Full Circle Moments
11:37- Law and Journalism
17:00- The Mormon Way of Doing Business
25:23- Jabari Parker
31:00- Steve Young
37:59- Signaling Valued
43:51- Gaining and Retaining Trust
51:57- What Does It Mean To Be “All In” the Gospel of Jesus Christ?