Brandon Pak: Worth It to Save

Wed Sep 27 05:00:51 EDT 2023
Episode 244

Brandon Pak seemed to be on the path to achieving what he’d always wanted: He was a student at Berklee College of Music, he’d opened for Pentatonix and had recently performed as a backup singer for Charlie Puth. And yet, he’d never felt more empty. So, he wandered into the church he’d attended but left as a young man. On this week's episode, we talk with Brandon about finding greater purpose than he could've imagined through the gospel of Jesus Christ.

I knew what it felt like to be lost and to find the gospel and what type of worth that gave me as a person…and I wanted other people to have that.
Brandon Pak

Show Notes

1:45- A Place To Call Home
5:17- Church Starts and Stops
11:37- Berklee or BYU
16:50- Empty
22:01- Three Months
26:30- Getting to Serve
34:02- Music and Missionary Work
36:15- Processing Through Songwriting
39:36- Worth It To Save
42:45- What Does It Mean To Be All In the Gospel of Jesus Christ?

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Listen to Brandon Pak’s new single, “Worth Saving”


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