Emily Inouye Huey: The Generational Impact of Belief in Humanity

Wed Jun 26 04:00:56 EDT 2024
Episode 280
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Emily Inouye Huey’s father was born in a prison camp during World War II. His parents were imprisoned simply for the color of their skin and suffered terrible injustices. Still, Huey’s father and other ancestors chose to move forward following the war, refusing to harbor resentment or bitterness—passing on to their children and grandchildren the hope of a much brighter future. Today, Emily is an author who wants to make sure their victory over the atrocities of war is known and that their legacy lives on.

The way that they survived, the way that they came out of it still able to love this country and this world, all those things to me are a victory.
Emily Inouye Huey

Show Notes

1:40- Family’s Experience During World War II
3:55- Dorothea Lange
11:28- Wat Misaka
13:28- Why Representation Matter
17:29- A Need To Create
20:36- Rid of Resentment
25:52- Belief in People
29:07- Finding the Gospel
33:24- What Does It Mean To Be All In the Gospel of Jesus Christ?

Wat Kept Playing
Beneath the Wide Silk Sky

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