Jill Geigle: Preparing Pornography-Resistant Families

Wed May 22 05:00:38 EDT 2024
Episode 275

Jill Geigle has dedicated a great deal of time throughout her life to preparing children and families to face the challenges of a modern world. Specifically, she is passionate that, because all of us will come into contact with pornography at some point, we should prepare our families to be pornography-resistant rather than seeking to protect them from pornography. On this week’s episode, Jill shares with us four principles that will help you implement this preparation in your own home.

The Doctrine of Christ is an attachment cycle that Heavenly Father has given to us. He wants us to attach to Him. We have a problem, we cry out to Him in faith and repentance and He answers us with covenants and with the Holy Ghost.
Jill Geigle

Show Notes

2:20- Prepared To Help Others Prepare
7:01- Talking to Children About Sex
10:32- Mistletoe Analogy/Protecting Vs. Preparing
20:30- Four Principles
23:54- Nurture Relationships
28:00- Relationship With Technology
32:05- Creating Open Communication and Eliminating Shame
37:57- Establishing Places of Security
45:05- Teach the Doctrine of Jesus Christ
51:22- What Does It Mean To Be All In?

Jill’s workbook
Spencer W. Kimball, “God Will Not Be Mocked”


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