Justin Su’a: The Role of Spirituality in Developing Mental Toughness

Wed Sep 06 05:00:35 EDT 2023
Episode 241

He helped coach the Boston Red Sox on their way to becoming World Series champions but on today’s episode of All In, Justin Su’a coaches you on how to enhance the way you show up in life by cultivating a strong mentality. Su’a also explains the importance of faith in athletics and in the lives of disciples of Jesus Christ.

I think as you have faith in the process, and do everything you can and build your life with these heavenly habits around you, you’ll end up finding that you can be happy in the moment, you’re going to find joy in keeping the commandments and doing what the Lord asks. And...that’s when the magic happens. And when the Spirit is filling your life, it becomes palpable and tangible, and you wake up excited to do it the next day.
Justin Su’a

Show Notes

1:34- Winning a World Series
4:02- Journey to Mental Skills Coach
8:28- When One Door Closes
9:49- Prepared For Sports Psychology
14:45- Experiences With Faith On The Job
19:55- “Increase Your Impact” Podcast
25:15- Raising Mentally Tough Teens
29:00- Modeling Strong Mentalities
33:23- Strengthening Your Mentality
37:14- Spending Time With God
41:00- The Role of Faith
43:50- Choosing the Right
47:24- What Does It Mean To Be “All In” The Gospel of Jesus Christ?

This episode originally aired on September 11, 2019.

Links & References

Mentally Tough Teens book by Justin Su'a
Overcoming Spiritual Slumps audiobook by Justin Su'a


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