Kurt Francom: The Many Miracles of Church Leadership

Fri Aug 13 18:15:59 EDT 2021
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Inspired by his desire to be a better bishop, Kurt Francom has interviewed hundreds of people about their service within the Church. What began as blog became a podcast and then eventually a non-profit organization with a goal to help Latter-day Saints be better prepared to lead. On this week’s episode, we talk with Kurt about what he has learned from Church leaders serving in various callings all over the world including how to recognize the needs of those you serve and the difference between a motivation problem vs. an ability problem.

We’re all leaders to some capacity. And so we can all step forward, show leadership, and watch the problems in people's lives disintegrate.
Kurt Francom

Show Notes

2:55- The Guilt Trip Lesson
7:40- Jumping In to Meet a Need
11:19- One Problem in the World
15:07- Solving Problems
20:20- Standing on the Sidelines of the Atonement
23:13- Lay Leadership
29:22- Principles Worth Remembering
33:31- Ability or Motivation Problem?
36:40- Recognizing Needs
42:53- What Does It Mean To Be All In the Gospel of Jesus Christ?