Marilee Killpack: The Power To Save

Wed Aug 30 05:00:48 EDT 2023
Episode 240

Six years ago, Marilee Killpack gave birth to a baby boy. That baby boy was diagnosed with Wiskott-Aldrich syndrome, a life-threatening genetic syndrome that affects just one in 250,000 children and is only symptomatic in boys. The life expectancy was 3-5 years. There was, however, one possible way to save his life: he could receive a bone marrow transplant and his 7-year-old brother was a perfect match.

I can’t articulate it well, but I came to love Abraham as a mom because he was saved and needed saving. And I think of our Heavenly Parents who have this Son, who is perfect and they know He’s going to do it and they know He’s going to be awesome and then to look at us, like I look at Abraham, and realize he needs saving. He’s not going to make it and there’s just such a love that I can’t explain for him for fighting, and for being saved by his older brother.
Marilee Killpack

Show Notes

2:15- Abram’s Story
7:19- Finding Peace
9:35- The Lord’s Preparations
12:11- A Perfect Match
15:46- The Saving Power Between Siblings
19:41- “Witness What the Lord Has Done”
24:32- Feeding the Soul
26:25- Promises of the Temple
28:32- “The Family That Prays Together”
33:02- The Faith Not To Be Healed
36:32- “All Is Well”
40:20- “The Lessons We Came to Earth to Learn”
43:55- What Does It Mean To Be “All In” the Gospel of Jesus Christ?

This episode originally aired on October 16, 2019.


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