Melissa Inouye: Why Loving One Another Is More Than Bringing Casseroles

Wed Apr 24 05:00:20 EDT 2024
Episode 271

Identity, creating understanding, covenants, a worldwide Church, faith crises, change in the Church—these are topics Melissa Inouye, a scholar, addresses in an effort to explain how she has “found the fruits of this life (the life of a Latter-day Saint) to be worthwhile—costly, to be sure, but also rich and nourishing, a source of deep joy.”

To honor the life of Melissa Wei-Tsing Inouye, we are revisiting this episode from the All In archives. This episode originally aired on July 10, 2019.

I believe that Christ is here in the Church and I've felt the power of God. And so, having had those experiences, I am absolutely committed to being where I am.
Melissa Wei-Tsing Inouye

Show Notes

1:51- A Latter-day Saint Seven Days a Week
2:56- The Church Influencing Worldview
6:38- Lessons Learned From Being a Missionary
12:14- Belonging and Identity
18:44- Wins and Losses
20:57- Creating Unity in the Church
23:41- Helping Amidst Faith Crises
29:56- An Evolving Church
34:48- Cancer
36:47- What Does It Mean to Be All In The Gospel of Jesus Christ?


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