Michael McLean: Embracing a Father’s Love

Wed Nov 22 05:00:32 EST 2023
Episode 252

In recent years, Michael McLean has encountered profound lessons about a father’s love. Although seemingly a shining light of optimism and success known for his work in the Latter-day Saint film and music space, McLean grappled with chronic depression, fostering self-doubt for an extended period. Nearly two decades ago, when his son came out and conveyed discontent about his upbringing, McLean's deepest insecurities seemed validated. Moreover, the silence from a perceived absence of God amplified his distress. On this week’s episode, we discuss McLean’s Forgotten Carols but, more importantly, how a loving Father never forgets His son.

The Atonement is not some cool thing that happened back in Gethsemane. It’s ongoing. He’s not stopping His work until He’s got us all healed—until He’s brought us all home.
Michael McLean

Show Notes

2:10- What Could’ve Been the End
12:59- Depression and the Forgotten Carols
18:44- Mr. Krueger’s Christmas
31:57- When God Seems Quiet
36:34- Two Fathers
48:42- “Let Him In”
51:51- What Does It Mean To Be All In?

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The Forgotten Carols


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