Morgan Choi: God Is Everywhere

Wed Feb 07 10:52:18 EST 2024
Episode 260

Morgan Choi and her husband have lived in four very different countries during their young marriage. They have also experienced very difficult things in lands far from home but what they have found is that God is everywhere and when we seek to feel His love, we will always find it. On this week’s episode, Morgan shares her witness that prayers are heard and answered all around the world.

Being curious is such a positive thing, you’re asking questions about someone, you’re wanting to get to know them more and understand them and it can lead to friendship and growth. Being judgmental is just having this fixed idea and it’s negative and it’s not allowing you to grow and to love a person as well.
Morgan Choi

Show Notes

1:43- To Know Something’s True
6:04- Living and Worshiping Around the World
14:20- Recipient of Service Worldwide
18:33- A Gospel For All People
21:00- Infertility
33:18- Book of Mormon Timeline
35:41- Traveling With Kids
39:24- Changed
41:33- What Does It Mean To Be All In the Gospel of Jesus Christ?


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