Rosalynde Welch: Both Things Testify of Christ

Wed Oct 11 05:00:58 EDT 2023
Episode 246

Latter-day Saint scholar Rosalynde Welch has been involved in two recent projects that may, on the surface, seem very different. One, ushering the last words of a beloved friend through to publication after the friend’s passing, and the other, an exploration of words written in holy scripture two millennia ago. And yet, on this week’s episode, we explore how both books capture the power of a woman’s witness of Jesus Christ.

In the two beams of the cross—those are never going to be made parallel with each other. They are always going to be at cross purposes to one another and, as disciples, we’re called to take up our cross. And sometimes that means having the patience and the largeness of mind and heart to live with two things that are true but not easily reconciled.
Rosalynde Welch

Show Notes

2:19- Contrast Between Two Books
6:50- Who is Kate Holbrook?
17:51- Housework and Motherhood
22:56- Legacy
26:54- The Gospels of Abish and Mary
30:41- 1 Nephi 11
35:18- A Nativity Story
39:18- Witnesses of Christ

Links & References

Kate Holbrook and Samuel Brown - All In
Morgan’s tribute to Kate Holbrook

Both Things Are True

Both Things Are True is a guided walk through six sets of tensions that disciples must navigate in their practical efforts to become like Christ.

Seven Gospels

In Seven Gospels, disciple-scholars Adam S. Miller and Rosalynde F. Welch draw on both their academic study and their personal experience to explore the accounts of seven witnesses in the Book of Mormon who, from unique circumstances and perspectives, testify of the good news of Jesus Christ through a narrative of his mortal life.


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