Savannah Wooden: The Physical Healing Power of God

Wed Apr 03 05:00:14 EDT 2024
Episode 268

Savannah Wooden was in high school when, after years of struggling with seizures, she made the difficult decision to have brain surgery that, if successful, would cure her seizures. The surgery was, by that measure, very successful, but in the years since, Savannah has struggled with the byproducts of the surgery. Even then, she can see that the power of the priesthood invited healing into her life that otherwise may not have been possible.

Sometimes God doesn’t remove your problems, He makes a way through them.
Savannah Wooden

Show Notes

2:13- The First Seizure
4:47- A Possible Surgical Cure
6:11- A Calculated Risk
7:44- Unrecognizable Surroundings
11:34- A Priesthood Blessing
14:03- Aftermath of the Surgery
16:43- Faith Journey
24:35- Memorization After Memory Loss
27:36- “Minor Challenges I Can Handle”
34:00- What Does It Mean To Be All In the Gospel of Jesus Christ?


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