Shane Reese: Leading a Prophetically-Directed University

Wed Jun 12 14:09:30 EDT 2024
Episode 278
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Since becoming president of Brigham Young University last year, Shane Reese has often referenced a number of talks given by prophets and apostles. This is not a mistake. He has expressed determination to follow prophets, seers and revelators as he leads BYU. On this week’s episode, President Reese shares what he believes are the most pressing issues of this time and why he thinks BYU students truly have potential to change the world.

If we’re not unique, if we’re not different, if we don’t provide value other than just a great educational opportunity, then I can imagine that the Church could feel like they could give students scholarships to go to any other school for about the same return.
Shane Reese

Show Notes

2:31- Raised By a Single Mom
7:28- The BYU Education That Almost Never Was
13:47- Advice to Homesick College Freshmen
17:33- An Unmatched Love for Statistics
20:07- Becoming Bilingual
24:44- Why Care About BYU?
32:13- Faculty in the World of Academia
38:00- Influential Talks
42:40- A Covenant Community of Belonging
46:52- Why the Investment in Athletics?
52:53- Consumed with Conviction
57:22- What Does It Mean to Be All In the Gospel of Jesus Christ?

President Reese’s previous talks at BYU
President Kimball talk referenced
Elder Christofferson talk referenced
President Holland talk referenced
Andy Reid on All In


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