Sharley Funk: Slowly Losing a Husband to Early-Onset Alzheimer’s

Wed Jul 03 04:00:07 EDT 2024
Episode 281
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Lance Funk was just 51-years-old when he was diagnosed with Early-Onset Alzheimer’s Disease. Over the past few years, his wife, Sharley, has watched as her once strong, vivacious husband has all but disappeared from before her eyes and yet, for now, he is still with her physically and she is determined to cherish the time they have left together. On this week’s episode, Sharley explains why she has tried to be open and honest in documenting her family’s experience with Alzheimer’s.

I’m going to take this time...and just enjoy this and just lay my head on his shoulder and just remember what it feels like to sit next to him and to hear him breathe.
Sharley Funk

Show Notes

2:03- Signs and the Release of a Diagnosis
8:05- Falling in Love with Lance
11:29- Open and Honest
14:13- Receiving Service
17:11- Disappearing
20:26- Still There
22:45- The Honor of Caregiving
26:00- Going to Work
29:30- Anxiety and the Darkest Parts of Alzheimers
32:19- Anticipatory Grief and Fatigue
37:28- Preparing to Let Go
42:24- What Does It Mean To Be All In the Gospel of Jesus Christ?

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