Shiegrid Hernandez: The Familiar Symbolism of Día de los Muertos

Wed Nov 01 05:00:27 EDT 2023
Episode 249

Remembering those who have gone before us and recognizing that death is not the end—these are critical aspects of our faith as members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. They are also at the core of the celebration known in Hispanic culture as Día de los Muertos. On this week’s episode, we learn more about how this celebration intersects with faith and tradition, and reminds us of the eternal nature of our family bonds.

If we were just to learn about all of the experiences that the Nephites had with our Savior Jesus Christ—if we were to pass that down and we were to believe it and put it into action in our lives, we would be better people and we would have a better connection with our Savior so that’s why I think our ancestors are so important to celebrate.
Shiegrid Hernandez

Show Notes

1:47- Growing Up in Mexico
6:13- Challenges of Coming to America
8:44- Embracing Latino Culture
10:37- A Recognizable Book
14:32- Honoring Ancestors
18:52- What Is Dia De Los Muertos?
22:24- Why the Skulls and Skeletons?
25:48- Symbolism in the Ofrenda
33:12- The Temple as a Latina Latter-day Saint
36:37- What Does It Mean to Be All In the Gospel of Jesus Christ?


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