Truman Brothers: After Your Faith Comes the Witness

Wed Nov 29 05:00:51 EST 2023
Episode 253

Chad Truman recalls a specific moment on his mission where he had questions—not a faith crisis, just questions. He remembers hearing the words: “After your faith comes the witness.” Truman Brothers now sing songs of faith—songs that make a deliberate effort to represent a real faith journey. On this week’s episode, we discuss music’s ability to testify of Christ while acknowledging that our testimonies rarely grow linearly.

I will ebb and flow on opinions, I will ebb and flow on confidence in certain pieces of testimony but the rod is just going to remain in my hands and that’s what all in is for me. I will go through this experience committed and I will respond to things as I do but nothing will row the boat enough to toss me.
Ben Truman

Show Notes

2:00- Sons of Dan Truman of Diamond Rio
6:51- Motivation
9:00- Uplifting Without Being Cheesy
12:09- The Power of Music
17:25- Husbands and Fathers
24:18- Atonement in Music
27:31- Not a Faith Crisis
32:30- Witness: A Nashville Tribute to the Book of Mormon
33:40- What Does It Mean To Be All In the Gospel of Jesus Christ?


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