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An Honest Letter About Pornography Every Mormon Needs to Read


Latter-day Saints have often been taught about the dangers of pornography. However, sometimes in talking about pornography we can tend to mix up the sin with the sinner. Here are three ways that Mormons can sometimes hurt rather than help those struggling with pornography.

I knew porn was bad. I grew up in Utah Valley: the heart of Mormonism. But I had always thought unless you are married, porn will only hurt the person doing it. I was wrong, dead wrong.

I still remember the day like it was yesterday. I walked in on my best friend as he was viewing porn on the computer. He quickly exited the web browser hoping that I had not seen what he was watching, but after further questions and opening up the history on the web browser, I confronted him. He broke down; he started crying and begging me not to tell anyone. I told him I would not tell anyone, but that he needed to seek help from the Bishop, which he did.

This event caused me to realize that because porn is hurting those I love, porn is hurting me. This also marked the first time I recognized that porn was hurting my loved ones. Since then I’ve had countless encounters with porn and it’s filth attacking those I love. Trying to help those I love has caused porn to become my personal struggle; it caused me to join the war against porn.

I’ve noticed that many people inside and outside of the Church have joined in the war against porn. But there is something that is hurting us in the war, [most of all those struggling to overcome addiction]. I have found that our culture is hurting us in the fight against porn in three ways: shaming, judging, and a lack of forgiveness.

For more on overcoming pornography and helping others to do the same, check out Confronting Pornography: A Guide to Prevention and Recovery for Individuals, Loved Ones, and Leadersor Understanding Pornography and Sexual Addiction.


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