Take a look at highlights from April 2021 general conference through these photos

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This past weekend, general conference was held virtually for the third time in a row as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. But while Latter-day Saints may not have gathered in person on Temple Square in Salt Lake City, millions around the world gathered in their homes with their families to hear the words of prophets, seers, and revelators. Here’s a look back at the proceedings of last weekend's general conference through photos.

Saturday Morning Session

In his opening address welcoming listeners to general conference, President Russell M. Nelson spoke of how he has a front-row seat to observing the construction currently taking place on Temple Square plaza. He then drew an analogy of how the Savior can help us remove debris from our lives and invited listeners to pray to identify what can be removed from their personal lives to increase personal worthiness.

President Joy D. Jones and her counselors were released from Primary General Presidency in the Saturday afternoon session of general conference. In the Saturday morning session President Jones spoke of how children are innocent before the age of accountability and that family conversations about the gospel of Jesus Christ are essential.

President Jones said that when a child is strengthened, the family is strengthened. She also encouraged parents to not let electronic devices prevent them from looking into the eyes of their children.

Brother Jan E. Newman honored his kindergarten teacher, Sister Davis, who recently turned 98 years old. Brother Newman said Sister Davis taught him and his classmates “to be kind, the importance of a good nap, the joy of milk and graham crackers, and to love one another.”

Elder Gary E. Stevenson shared the results of a study from the 1970s called The Rabbit Effect. In the study, scientists studied the effects of diet on heart health by studying a control group of rabbits. They discovered that the kindness and love one researcher gave to her rabbits improved their health.

In that same address, Elder Stevenson told a story of a young boy from South Korea named Minchan Kim. This boy said he had a classmate who was made fun of, and Minchan joined in until he learned how it hurt the boy’s feelings. He later stood up for the boy and he and another classmate became good friends with him.

Saturday Afternoon Session

During a talk by Elder Jorge T. Becerra of the Seventy, an image was shared of a dream President Brigham Young had. In the dream, President Young saw the Prophet Joseph Smith, who was driving a heard of sheep and goats. They spoke to each other in the dream, and when President Young awoke he knew that the Church would gather “sheep and goats” and his responsibility was to let them all realize their full potential in the Church.

Elder Neil L. Andersen spoke of Brother Philippe Nsondi, who was a medical doctor. Brother Nsondi generously shared his talents with others and served as the patriarch of the Brazzaville Congo Stake. Brother Nsondi passed away during the pandemic.

Sister Clara Ruano de Villareal from Tulcán, Ecuador, embraced the gospel when she was 34 years old. Elder Andersen said Sister Villareal passed away during the pandemic.

Elder Andersen spoke of Brother Ray Tuineau from Utah, who also passed away during the pandemic. Brother Tuineau's wife, Juliet, said her husband always put God first in his life.

Elder Andersen also spoke about the sanctity of human life. In his talk, he shared reflections from his grandson’s wife, Emily, who was placed for adoption by her birth mother. She expressed her gratitude that her mother went forward with her birth, giving her the gift of agency.

Elder Andersen also shared the story of the Laing family in his conference talk. The mother of four children, Rebecca Laing’s previous pregnancies had been high risk and she felt that her family was complete. But while listening to general conference, she felt that she and her husband were supposed to have another child. After a difficult pregnancy, Rebecca gave birth to a baby girl. While in the hospital room after giving birth, Rebecca felt that there was one more child and three years later another daughter was born.

Brielle and Mia Laing are the two youngest children in the Laing family.

Priesthood Session

In the priesthood session of general conference, Elder Quentin L. Cook addressed bishops, who are “shepherds over the Lord’s flock,” and spoke about their responsibilities in the ward.  

During his talk about bishops, Elder Cook highlighted Bishop Moa Mahe, from Vava’u, Tonga, was called as the first bishop in the San Francisco Tongan Ward.

Many youth in Bishop Mahe’s ward were immigrants to the US. In his nearly eight years of service, Bishop Mahe helped those youth prepare for the temple, missions, education, and employment.

Brother Ahmad S. Corbitt reflected on his family's history. 41 years ago, two missionaries felt led to a house in New Jersey, leading to the baptism of his parents and all ten of their children. Brother Corbitt, top right, was 17 years old when he was baptized.

In 1978, Elder S. Gifford Nielsen played starting quarterback in the NFL. It was his first game as starting quarterback and his team was playing the reigning Super Bowl champions. Hit hard after his first pass, he wondered what he was doing there. In the priesthood session of general conference, Elder Nielsen reflected that this experience taught him to find strength and courage in the middle of a difficult situation.

Elder Nielsen also shared the story of how the Apostle Peter courageously walked on water toward the Savior. When Peter began focusing on the boisterous wind, he cried out to the Lord to save him, and Jesus “stretched forth his hand, and caught him” (Matthew 14:22–23).

President Dallin H. Oaks, First Counselor in the First Presidency, testified that the Savior knows our struggles, heartaches, and suffering because Christ willingly experienced them as a part of His Atonement.

Sunday Morning Session

A choir of members of the Church from Mexico sang “Redeemer of Israel” in the Sunday morning session of general conference.

A choir of children from Korea sang “I Love to See the Temple” during the Sunday morning session of general conference.

The first speaker of the Sunday morning session of conference was Elder Ulisses Soares. Elder Soares shared how he learned of the passing of Mario and Regina Emerick, who died due to complications from COVID-19. Elder Soares testified that the Savior rose from the dead and provided a way for us to overcome both physical and spiritual death.

Sister Reyna I. Aburto shared the story of the Resurrection. She reflected that the Lord may have let Mary Magdelene grieve and express her pain before He called her by name and she became a witness of the Resurrection. Sister Aburto testified that through the Savior, anguish can become peace.

A choir of women and children from around the world sang the hymn “I Am a Child of God” as part of the Saturday morning session.

A choir of women and children from around the world sang the hymn “I Am a Child of God” as part of the Saturday morning session.

A choir of women and children from around the world sang the hymn “I Am a Child of God” as part of the Saturday morning session.

In his address during the Saturday morning session of conference, President Russell M. Nelson spoke of the biblical promise that if we have faith even as a mustard seed, we will be able to move mountains

President Nelson also said that the Lord knows our potential, and that while the mustard seed starts small, it can grow into a tree large enough for a bird to nest in.

About two years ago, President Nelson visited the Pacific as part of his ministry to Latter-day Saints in the area. There were heavy rains in the area, and Church members fasted and prayed for the rains to stop. While the rains did stop in Samoa, Fiji, and Tahiti, they continued to fall in Tonga. The 13,000 Latter-day Saints in that nation waited through the downpour and sat through a wet meeting to hear the prophet. President Nelson said he saw vibrant faith at work for both those who helped stop the rain and those who persevered in spite of it.

Sunday Afternoon Session

President Oaks gave an address during the Sunday afternoon session of general conference about the United States Constitution. President Oaks has an extensive background in law, including serving as a law clerk to the Chief Justice of the United States Supreme Court and working as a professor of law for 15 years. He also served 3 ½ years on the Utah Supreme Court and has studied the Constitution for over 60 years.

In September 2020, Elder Ronald A. Rasband and his wife, Sister Melanie Rasband, spoke at a Face-to-Face event in Goshen, Utah. The broadcast would be held from the Church’s set of old Jerusalem, but due to fires in the area the power went out. Elder Rasband prayed fervently for a miracle, and shortly after the time the broadcast was supposed to begin, the power came back on. He later found out that President Nelson and Sister Nelson had also been praying for a miracle when they heard about the power outage.

A fire in the Goshen, Utah, area that created a power outage prior to the Face-to-Face event with Elder Ronald Rasband and Sister Rasband in September 2021.

In his address during the Sunday afternoon session, Elder Alan R. Walker of the Seventy recalled how his parents traveled 6,000 miles to be sealed in the Salt Lake Temple. There were no temples in Latin America at the time and though Elder Walker was only 2 years old then, he remembers seeing the white clouds from his window. He also remembered the sealing room in the Salt Lake Temple.

About 20 years later, Elder Walker was sealed with his fiancé, and then an additional 22 years after his sealing, he and his wife were sealed to their daughter.

All images: Screenshots from The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints YouTube channel

Watching Conference Around the World

A family watches conference from Brasília, Brazil.

A family in Sololá, Guatemala views general conference together.

Members of the Church in Oslo, Norway, watching general conference.

A family from Chile watches general conference.

Latter-day Saints in Ulaanbataar, Mongolia, watch general conference together.

Children in Munich, Germany, gather around the table to view general conference.

Members of the Church in Livingston, Montana, watch President Henry B. Eyring during April 2021 general conference.

Members of the Church in Moscow, Russia, during April 2021 general conference.

In Coimbatore, India, a family gathers for general conference.

A couple watches general conference with their child in Chiba, Japan.

Latter-day Saints watching general conference from Uruguay. 
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