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Baroness Nicholson Praises LDS Church as "Doers of Life"


From the British Parliament's changing view of the LDS Church to her thoughts on Elder Holland after hosting his family, Baroness Nicholson had quite a bit to share about the LDS Church and her work with its members.

In February of this year, LDS Charities volunteers traveled to Kurdistan, Iraq, to help train local midwives, nurses and doctors in how to provide essential care to all mothers and babies. After receiving training, the local medical professionals were also given the equipment and resources necessary to train other medical professionals in their areas.

At the same time, the AMAR Foundation’s Women’s Health Volunteer program continued to train local Iraqi women to conduct regular visits to families within their community, providing them with health education and medical advice.

The braided objectives of “helping people help themselves” is just one example of the “deep similarities” shared by LDS Charities and the AMAR Foundation, said the foundation’s founder, Baroness Emma Nicholson of Winterbourne. Both organizations are “the doers of life,” she said.

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