Black Name Tag on the Volleyball Court: Coaching Gave This Sister Missionary an Opportunity to Share the Gospel


When you think of a missionary’s job description, what comes to mind? For many, it might be proselytizing or teaching lessons to investigators or maybe even serving others.

Something that might not come to mind? Coaching volleyball.

However, for Sister Megan Sintay, a missionary in the Alabama Birmingham Mission, coaching volleyball was a way for her to spread the gospel in the small town of Camden, Alabama.

Church Newsrecently reported on Sister Sintay’s unique mission. Prior to serving a full-time mission, Sister Sintay played volleyball at Dixie State University in St. George, Utah. When local members of the Camden branch discovered Sister Sintay was a volleyball player, they informed her that the local high school, Wilcox Academy, desperately needed a volleyball coach.

Sister Sintay refused and told the members that she was a missionary and “she didn’t spend her time doing that.” That is until a member of the Camden Branch called Sister Sintay’s mission president, who surprisingly encouraged Sister Sintay to coach. Sister Sintay stayed in Camden every transfer for the entire volleyball season. Her impact was not only seen with the team making it to the state high school playoffs—but also in the mark Sister Sintay left on the community.

“Our community hasn’t always been fond of the Church, but we’ve seen huge strides the past few years,” said a member of the Camden Branch and teacher at Wilcox Academy. “The sisters are adding to this cause in a most positive way. . . . Their smiles show their love of Christ and it’s being passed on to so many.”


Lead image: Church News screenshot
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