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Bonnie ElHalta

Bonnie was born and raised in Southern California. She is the daughter of both a Palestinian father and a Mayflower-descendant mother, which made Bonnie’s love for the world ever so strong. She is currently living in Kuwait where she is serving with the USO, United Service Organizations. Over the last year she was grateful for her membership in the Church, which gave her immediate connections as she served in Iraq, Dubai and Abu Dhabi. The summer of 2020 was time never soon to be forgotten as she worked to support thousands of refugees and soldiers that fled Afghanistan. She is most known as “Aunt Bonnie” and delights in all things “Auntie.” Bonnie’s career has given her the opportunity to live in some of the greatest cities of America. She has lived in San Francisco, Chicago, Seattle, New York, Austin, and Boston, currently calls Southwest Asia home. Somehow, she always makes it back to the Wasatch Front where she is happy to enjoy the beauty of each season. Bonnie enjoys traveling and has a fierce love for people and cultures and thrives on immersing in the customs and traditions of places she visits. Her travels have proven to be a great source of learning and faith building. She loves the gospel and is grounded in knowing she is a daughter of heavenly parents.