Brady C. MacKay

Brady C. MacKay is a retired U.S. Special Agent for the Drug Enforcement Administration. His career spanned 24 years serving throughout the world, conducting all types of drug enforcement operations. With his family, he spent many of those years working and living in Thailand and China. He is a certified linguist in Mandarin Chinese, Thai, and Lao, along with many dialects of those languages. Brady currently works as a director of corporate security. Brady served in the Thailand, Bangkok mission and always knew he would return to Thailand. Upon arriving there for work, with his wife and children, they quickly realized their paramount reason for being sent to Chiang Mai, Thailand was for the Lord’s purposes. Brady and his family were the only foreigners for most of the six years there with the missionaries and the native members of the church. He served as the district president over an area that included the northern half of the country. His life in Thailand was quite the dichotomy—he would work in the jungles on drug interdictions and then oversee the affairs of the church on weekends. Brady and his wife, Hollee, are the parents of five children. He currently serves as a member of the high council in his stake. Brady is a true American patriot but more importantly, a dedicated member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.