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Brandon Flowers Features His 86-Year-Old Elementary Teacher on New Killers' CD


What a sweet story that shows just how much one person can impact our life for years to come.

In The Killers' recent album “Don’t Waste Your Wishes,” Brandon Flowers sings “I’ll Be Home for Christmas” with an unlikely featured artist—his 86-year-old fourth-grade teacher.

Ned Humphrey Hansen, who lives in Salem, taught Flowers in fourth grade at Taylor Elementary School in Payson.

“I was so surprised when I found out that he was with a group called The Killers, because as a student he was very mild and timid and … he wouldn’t even kill a fly I don’t think,” Hansen said. “He’s a very good student and he listened and apparently things stuck in his mind things that we did and so he was a very good student.”

Lead image from KSL.
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