Brent and Rochelle Baugh

Brent Baugh grew up in Salt Lake City. He is often referred to as a renaissance man because of his varied interests and talents. Some say he was born in the wrong century, because he loves history, especially the last 300 years. He served a mission in Puerto Rico and Venezuela, then studied medical biology at the University of Utah. During undergrad he had the privilege of studying at the BYU Jerusalem Center in Israel. That experience strengthened his testimony and love for the gospel. He wished he could have frozen time and stayed there forever. After his study abroad he attended Creighton University Dental School in Omaha, Nebraska. He has been practicing dentistry ever since. He is married to his wonderful wife, Rochelle, and they have four amazing children (three daughters and one son) and a great son-in-law. In addition to his love for learning about the gospel, he loves the outdoors, fishing, hiking, running, mountain biking, boating, paddle boarding and a variety of sports.

As a mother of four, a wife to her best friend, a child of God, a sister to seven, a wannabe athlete, and a Broadway singer (in her next life), Rochelle Richmond Baugh enjoys adventure. She loves the gospel and wants to better learn how to "hear Him" and do God's will. Rochelle served a mission in Germany and loves to practice that "celestial" language whenever she hears others speaking it. She graduated from the University of Nebraska at Omaha with a degree in International Business and German. A couple years ago, she came "out of 'retirement'" (supposedly another word for raising kids?!) to do the bookkeeping for her husband's dental practice. She does enjoy playing with numbers, trying to keep things organized and establishing reliable systems to avoid repeated human error. She also enjoys running with friends, hiking, biking, skiing, reading and playing the piano.