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Brutally Honest Church Video: Losing a Son to Addiction, Finding Peace Again in Christ


"My husband called me on the phone and he said, 'Our son has died.' I didn't immediately start to cry. I just kept saying, 'I don't know what to do,'" a new Church video begins.

Shauna's son was 13 when he first began using drugs. By 15, he was an addict who was sent to jail over a dozen times. Through worrying, struggling, and fighting to learn how she could help her son, Shauna began spiraling into despair. Then, one day, she had the thought that she needed to pray for joy. "I never thought about that before, just asking Him for joy, but I did. I knelt by my bed and said . . . 'I need you to lift me. Will you just show me joy?'"

That same day, while driving in her car, Shauna heard a voice say, "Just look; just look around you." Suddenly she noticed the sunshine, the beauty, the colors, and the vibrancy of life around her.

"Heavenly Father was letting me know, 'It's all around you. If you just take a moment, if you just take the time to be present and look, my love and my joy is all around you,'" Shauna says.

When she learned her son had died due to his addiction, Shauna describes that moment as the most lost feeling she experienced in her life. But her earlier witnesses helped her find healing in the Savior and her Heavenly Father.

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Losing a Child to Addiction

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