By The Numbers: Questions in the Book of Mormon


"A good question ... is like an alarm clock," wrote Elder Tad R. Callister. "It awakens us out of our mental doldrums [and] jump-starts our mental engines."

Where can we find questions that will awaken us out of those mental—and spiritual—doldrums? Popular authors John Hilton III and Brad Wilcox help us recognize and ponder fifty-two powerful questions from the Book of Mormon—one for each week of the year. One short chapter each week has the power to change your life.

In the meantime, check out Book of Mormon questions by the numbers:

• There are 543 questions in the Book of Mormon.

• Jesus Christ asks 35 of these direct questions.

• There are 61 different individuals in the Book of Mormon—including prophets, missionaries, investigators, and apostates—who ask questions.

• Alma 5 has the most questions (42!) of any chapter in the Book of Mormon. (Alma 30 is a distant second with 22 questions.)

• Alma the Younger asks the most questions in the Book of Mormon. He asks 103 questions, or 19 percent of all the questions in the book. Even if Alma 5 were not included, Alma the Younger’s questions would total more than any other asker in the Book of Mormon. (Nephi comes in second place with 41 questions.)

• The most commonly asked question has to do with how people remember—or forget—the Lord. Variations of this question appear 26 times.

• Jesus Christ asks 35 direct questions in the Book of Mormon.

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