Can You Pass This Health Quiz?

1.  Which of the following is the worst part about drinking soda pop?

a) the sugar or sweetener (Aspartame, Sucralose etc.)
b) the carbonation
c) the caffeine

2.  Taking “acid blocker” medications like Pepcid AC and Zantac is fine as 
      long as you:
a) always take them with food
b) take them for no longer than 3 months total
c) take calcium with them
d) don’t care about digesting your food

3.  Taking NSAIDS (ibuprofen, Advil, aspirin etc.) on a regular basis is:

a) okay, as long as you take them with food
b) okay, but not more than 800 mg. three times daily
c) okay, as long as you take plenty of fish oil with them
d) not okay, as studies have shown that they destroy joint cartilage. 

4.  The best medication for low thyroid function is:

a) Synthroid
b) Levothyroxine
c) Levoxyl
d) Armour/Westhroid

5.  You exercise everyday, but you still cannot lose a pound.  Your resting 
heart rate (pulse) is 58.  You should be:
a) proud of that low heart rate (“I’m in great shape”)
b) wondering, “If I’m in such great shape, why am I so tired and fat?”
c) thinking about getting ready to run your next marathon
d) worried—that’s probably why you can’t lose weight

The Answers

1. It should be noted that all three of the answers are bad, BUT the worst one is b) carbonation.  Of course the caffeine is a stimulant, and too much is not good (especially the energy drinks!).  And you should all be aware by now (unless you’ve had your head in the sand) that the artificial sweeteners like Aspartame (Nutrisweet), sucralose (Splenda) and acesulfame are, in Europe, classified as “slightly neurotoxic” and are banned in 7 countries over there.  High fructose corn sweetener (HFCS) is just as bad.

But the biggest culprit is the degree of acidity from the carbonation (yeah, that’s what makes your soda have the bubbly fizz to it).  Its acidity is so strong it can flip the pH of your body from slightly alkaline to very acidic after drinking just one soda.  Many researchers state that cancer will only grow in people who are overly acidic.  If there is one thing I can do for all my pop-drinking patients it is to get them off for the rest of their lives!  But, since most of them are addicted to the stuff, it’s not an easy thing for them.  But it can be done.

2.  Trick question:  answers b and d are correct.  Even though your doctor may tell you that you can take them indefinitely, that is poor advice.  Even the labels of the meds themselves tell you not to take them for more than 3 months.  Why?  That’s choice d.  These medications prevent acid in the stomach.  Healthy people have lots of good acid in their stomachs to help them digest the food they eat.  Taking acid-blocking medication stops that process.  Then you can’t digest anything or assimilate anything.  That’s the reason that women who take acid-blockers over long periods of time don’t absorb their calcium any more, and get osteoporosis.  There are much better alternatives.

3.  The answer is d.  Yes, studies show that overuse of NSAIDS can destroy the cartilage in your joints.  “But wait a minute” you say, “… isn’t that why I’m taking NSAID’s—to help my joints?”  Good thinking, but wrong.

4.  Answers a, b, and c are all the same thing, T4.  Answer d is T3 and T4.  It is the T3 that gives people more energy and helps increase their metabolism.  If you are taking a,b, or c, go to the website and get educated about the whole thyroid question.  You owe it to yourself to feel better.

5.  b and d are the best answers here.  Look, if you are an “ultra-marathoner” a resting heart rate of 58 would be okay.  But for the rest of us, that’s too low, and may be a symptom of being hypothyroid or having low adrenal function, both of which can impede your metabolism.  Then, you can exercise your head off, and never lose a pound.  A normal heart rate could be between 65 and 80.  I get so amused when a woman comes into my office being so proud of her low heart rate from exercising.  When I ask her, “What is your main reason for seeing me today?” she responds, “I’m just always so tired, I can barely function.” Really?

If you passed this little quiz, you are “in the know.”  If you didn’t pass this test, go to and learn more.  We don’t grade on the curve for this test.  We want you 100% healthy!

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This article is sponsored by Dr. Robert Jones, Clincal Director at the Utah Wellness Institute in Draper, Utah, (801) 576 1155. You can call and request a complimentary DVD be sent to you that will answer many more questions you may have regarding your health. 

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