Church Membership More Than 16.3 Million + Temples, Missionaries, and Other Church Statistics


The Church grew to more than 16.3 million members during 2018, according to the statistical report for 2018.

The report, which was released during the Saturday afternoon session of the April 2019 general conference, showed the number of temples dedicated, stakes, missions, temples dedicated, and more during 2018. 

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The report showed that membership is on the rise, increasing from 16,118,169 in 2017 to 16,313,735 in 2018. Newly baptized members also increased from 233,729 in 2017 to 234,332 in 2018. 

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The number of temples dedicated was down slightly from four in 2017 to two in 2018. The number of missions and full-time missionaries was also down from 421 missions and 67,049 in 2017 to 407 missions and 65,137 missionaries in 2018. However, the number of church-service missionaries rose from 36,172 in 2017 to 37,963 in 2018. 

It's exciting to see how the Church is growing and changing every year as we gather for general conference.

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