Church Releases All-new Batch of "Hope Works" Videos


Hope Works is a series of live TED Talk-style videos that encapsulate how members of the Church live and share the hope that can be found within the gospel of Jesus Christ. While presenting their message, members use personal experiences and lessons learned to help illustrate examples of how they have found hope in the gospel and how we can help others find it, too. 

The Church recently released ten new videos that we can now watch and enjoy at our disposal. Here are a few examples:

1. Yahosh Bonner shares his failures and successes in life and encourages us to walk with Christ (amidst serenading us with his fantastic voice).

"We all have a big Brother who loves us, who wants to stay connected to us, who wants to protect us, who wants to take this journey of life with us through our sorrows, through our troubles."

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Finding Strength in Jesus Christ | Hope Works

2. Molly Jackson tells the touching story of how she lost her young daughter in a tragic accident and how we can use our trials to empathize with those around us.

"The opposite of hate isn't love-it's connection. We may not believe the same things, vote for the same people, speak the same language, be the same age, but there is always something that can connect us...vulnerability, as a catalyst for connection, is not only possible but essential to our well-being and to our survival."

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Using Your Trials To Help Others | Hope Works

3. Marj Desius was involved in the 7-second earthquake in Haiti back in 2010 and explains that we can not only find hope after tragedy strikes but that we can reach out and help others find peace as well.

"[Seven seconds] is roughly the same amount of [time] that it takes to make a decision of a lifetime. A decision to do good, a decision to make a difference in your life, a decision to count blessings, hug somebody, love on people, smile more, give something to the person down the street who is homeless, right? Seven seconds you can say, 'Hello' and make someone feel better...listen to your heart a bit more often and act upon what it says."

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Seeking God After the 2010 Haiti Earthquake | Hope Works

You can find the remainder of the videos and other hope-filled stories told by Latter-day Saints here.

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