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Claire Ryann Hosts Adorable Interview with Top 12 Contents, Coaches on "The Voice"


At this point, who in Mormondom doesn't know about cute 5-year-old Claire Ryann Crosby and her amazing voice? With millions of views on YouTube and appearances on Ellen(not to mention upcoming roles in A Little Mermaid and Anatasia), Claire has quite a rap sheet. And her recent appearance on The Voice only added it to. 

Claire sat down with the top 12 contestants and coaches on the show to ask some questions—serious and silly—about the bunch.

Like the series of G-rated comebacks the interview sparked between Blake Shelton and Adam Levine, words like "poop-face" and "ding-dong" might have been exchanged. 

"I told them to be nice and they would not listen," Claire confided with contestants. 

For Claire's full interview with the top 12 and show coaches, watch the latest episode of NBC's The Voice on nbc.com

But here's a clip of Claire's exclusive interview with Blake Shelton, Adam Levine, Alicia Keys, and Kelly Clarkson. 

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The Voice 2018 - Claire Crosby Interviews The Voice Coaches (Digital Exclusive)

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