Conquering Our Personal Gethsemane

Everyone will face a time in their lives where they must go through their own personal Gethsemane. I’m not talking about small issues that come up on a daily basis or talking about having a bad day or week. I’m not even talking about many of the larger problems or stresses that we all face in this probationary state we call life.

No, I’m talking about the very small number of times in our lives where we are on the brink of even living. Where everything in our life is going wrong. The moments that not only can we not see the way out, we can’t see anything at all. Those moments where we feel completely lost and alone. Those times where you spend countless hours shedding tears on an already soaked pillow. Those nights where you wake up as deeply sadden as you did going to bed. I’m talking about those very limited times where the easiest choice in front of us may appear to be to just give up.

So what do we do in these situations? Where do we turn? How do we move on?

The easy Sunday School answer is Christ. Remember that Sunday School answers are the right answers, they just lack depth in their responses.

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