Day 24: Act Out the Nativity Story

25 Days of Christmas Memories


What better way to bring in the true spirit of Christmas than reminding the family the reason for our celebration?

Unfortunately, children sometimes lose interest faster than we would like. The key is to keep it simple. Here are some other tips.

Use as many fun props as possible. Baby doll as Jesus, Dad as donkey, faux gold and trinkets for the wise men to hold and present, a pet dog or stuffed animals as sheep for the shepherds, wings and glitter for the angel, etc., will all add interest and excitement for the children involved. Dress ups can be easily made with bathrobes and towels. 

Allow the children to exhibit their talents. If you have one that can play a Christmas song on a musical instrument, work it into the program. If one of them likes to read, help them to be the narrator.

Have one of the adults be the “director.” Make sure one of the adults can whisper or remind children of their lines and give direction to them. (This can be the narrator.)

Now, get the scripts. We've given you a couple options: one part-scripture, part-paraphased script for younger kids, and one all-scripture script for older kids. Enjoy!

Get both nativity scripts.

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