Denise Jensen

Denise loves life and is a very happy person. She also loves the outdoors and hiking is her passion.

Denise is married to the man of her dreams. He is the sweetest and kindest man and is the perfect companion for her. Denise has a very close relationships with her family, and she loves her siblings immensely. If she had to choose a theme song for her sisters, Denise would pick these lines from the White Christmas song, “Sisters, Sisters.”

“There were never such devoted sisters,
“I’m here to keep my eye on her.
“Those who’ve seen us
“Know not a thing can come between us.
“All kinds of weather, we stick together.”

LOL! Well, that’s Denise and her sisters.

Denise loves the gospel. Through her many trials in life, Denise’s testimony and love of Christ has increased.