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Donny Osmond Shares Hilarious Story of Why His Song Once Caused Police to Rush to a Radio Station


Recently, Donny Osmond shared the hilarious and unexpected story of why the Los Angeles Police Department rushed to a radio station in Hollywood after the station played Donny Osmond's "Puppy Love" over and over. Here's what the police found out after arriving at the radio station:

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#OTD in 1972, LAPD rushed to my favorite top radio station, KHJ in Hollywood, after receiving calls from worried listeners who thought something terrible was happening at the station.
The DJ, Robert W. Morgan, played my record "Puppy Love" on repeat for over 90 minutes straight. He had gotten so tired of my fans constantly requesting it that he decided to play it over and over again until everyone got sick of hearing it. LOL!
I guess it backfired because "Puppy Love" went on to be certified Gold later that same month. Thanks, Robert. I owe you one!

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