Donny Osmond Sings Inspirational New Song "Start Again" to Give Hope During Coronavirus Outbreak


With many of us practicing social distancing right now, we’ve had to get creative in how we connect with others. Whether that means talking with loved ones over video or serving our neighbors in new ways, reaching out to those around us has made all the difference during the coronavirus outbreak.

 In the case of world-renowned singer Donny Osmond, connecting with people through music felt like a natural way to reach out.

“We’re all so isolated and separated from each other,” he says in a video on his Facebook page. “And I thought, ‘Is there something small I can contribute, something I could do to lighten up the burdens of maybe a few people here and there?'”

Deciding to sing a song that may be included on his new album, Osmond shared how the message relates to what people are experiencing today.

“The lyrics are quite appropriate for what we’re all going through cause it seems like we’re all slowing our lives down a little bit and maybe appreciating each other a little bit more,” he says. “It gives us a chance to hit that ‘reset’ button and start over. Start again.”

The lyrics in Osmond’s ballad “Start Again” encourage listeners to “keep believing” and to “keep on fighting.”

“In difficult times like this, we need the unifying power of music now more than ever,” he shared in the Facebook description. “Sharing a brand-new song with the hope of boosting your spirits.”

Watch Osmond sing “Start Again” in the video below.


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