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Elder Hales: "What We Must Remember About the Savior"


As Latter-day Saints, we learn a lot about our Savior, Jesus Christ. We learn about His teachings, His Church on the earth today, and His life.

But above all of these things, Elder Robert D. Hales recently shared what we must remember about the Savior:

What we must remember about the Savior is that He and He alone had the power to lay down His life and take it up again. He had the ability to die from His mortal mother, Mary, and the ability to overcome death from His immortal Father. Our Savior, Jesus Christ, went willingly and deliberately to His death, having told His followers that this would happen. Why? one might ask.
The answer: to give immortality to all mankind and the promise of eternal life to those who believed in Him (see John 3:15), to give His own life for a ransom for others (see Matthew 20:28), to overcome Satan’s power, and to make it possible for sins to be forgiven
Without Jesus’s Atonement, there would be an impassable barrier between God and mortal men and women. When we comprehend the Atonement, we remember Him with awe and gratitude.

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