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Elder Holland Shares When He and Elder Cook Were Missionary Companions 54 Years Ago + the Incredible Missionary Experience They Just Shared


Yesterday, Elder Quentin L. Cook and Elder Jeffrey R. Holland shared on Facebook the experiences they had while visiting Jersulam as part of the 175th anniversary of Orson Hyde visiting the Holy Land. 

Elder Cook and Elder Holland were invited by Robert Abrams, the former attorney general of New York, to spend time with prominent Jewish leaders while in Jerusalem, according to Elder Cook's Facebook page, offering a chance to build bridges with those of different religions.

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"We often speak about how we as members of the Church can reach out to those of other faiths to build bridges, but it is equally important to appreciate those instances when those of other faiths do the same for us," Elder Cook wrote on his timeline.

While there, Elder Holland and Elder Cook—who served in the same mission in England and were even mission companions—also visited historic sites like the Garden of Gethsemane and celebrated the 175th anniversary of Orson Hyde visiting the Holy Land.

"The recognition of Jerusalem as a holy place is a belief that members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and members of the Jewish community share," Elder Holland wrote on his timeline. "We were so pleased to be able to spend time at the dedication site—and other locations—with many influential friends and leaders within the Jewish community. I firmly believe that as we work together with other groups to promote faith and foster understanding, we will find that we are much more alike than we are different."

Lead image from Elder Jeffrey R. Holland's Facebook page
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